Clevry (Criterion Partnership)

Criterion Partnership, now known as Clevry, is an occupational psychology consultancy and psychometric testing publisher situated in Brighton, UK.

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Note: AssessmentDay and its products are not affiliated with Clevry (Criterion Partnership). Our practice tests are intended only for candidate preparation, not for employee selection.

About Clevry (Criterion Partnership)

Criterion Partnership was formed in 1991 by Richard Hunter, and now is entirely owned by the company’s directors. In 2021, Criterion Partnership rebranded as "Clevry" as a result of a merger. Clevry has a broad client list, ranging from retail to government. Candidates particularly in the UK may be likely to encounter Clevry psychometric tests during their job search.

Clevry (Criterion Partnership) ability tests

The most commonly used Clevry (Criterion Partnership) tests are the Utopia series tests, designed for top level managers, professionals and graduates. The Utopia series of tests is known for its generous time limits, to test cognitive “power” rather than speed of processing. You can be tested on your numerical, verbal and abstract ability with the Utopia assessments. These tests are often reported by candidates as being more enjoyable than other psychometric tests, due to their topical and upbeat content.

  • Utopia: Designed for professional and graduate level selection, the Utopia series of tests comprises numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning tests.
  • B2C: Designed for mid-level, customer service and team-leader roles, the B2C series of tests comprises numerical, verbal, abstract and checking ability tests.
  • Blue Collar / Mechanical: Designed for production, manufacturing and engineering roles, these tests will assess your numerical, verbal and mechanical ability.
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Did You Know

The Utopia series of tests is known for its generous time limits, to test cognitive “power” rather than speed of processing.

Other cognitive ability tests are described below:

  • Numerical Cognitive Ability Tests: These numerical reasoning tests will assess your ability to manipulate and understand numerical data. You will be timed, but can use a calculator, whilst being tasked with answering multiple choice questions involving basic arithmetic, averages, percentages and ratios.
  • Verbal Cognitive Ability Tests: These verbal reasoning tests will assess your ability to understand, analyse and interpret written information. You will be timed, and will be given a passage of text and asked to decide if statements are true, false or cannot say.
  • Checking Cognitive Ability Tests: These checking ability tests will assess your attention to detail and ability to spot errors in written information both quickly and accurately under timed conditions. You will be given two pieces of reference material and be asked to spot any errors.
  • Abstract Cognitive Ability Tests: These abstract reasoning tests will assess your general intellect and ability to work with new concepts or ideas. You will be presented a series of shapes or patterns and must predict what comes next. These tests are timed and will be multiple choice.
  • Situational Judgement Tests: These are used to assess how a candidate would react to certain workplace scenarios they may encounter in the job. A range of actions are suggested and the candidate must choose which option they deem as the most appropriate and thus the action they would take. For more on SJT's, please refer to our page on situational judgement tests, including advice and practice tests.

Clevry (Criterion Partnership) personality tests

Clevry holds a compilation of personality questionnaire items and scales called the Scales Library. This enables employers to tailor and customise the questionnaire used to measure exactly what's relevant to the employer. Employers can choose from 46 different personality scales for selection, development, team building and leadership programs.

We have a free personality questionnaire that you can take based on the five factor model, this can help you better understand what the five factor model thinks are your personality traits.

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Preparing for a Clevry (Criterion Partnership) test

Clevry offer advice for test takers on their website. This is excellent as it's advice coming directly from the test publisher themselves.

Clevry's aptitude tests are not too different to the typical aptitude tests you will face from other test publishers, so the advice very much remains the same.

We would recommend you check out our numerical reasoning tips, logical reasoning tips and verbal reasoning tips to prepare yourself.

Once you have finished those, it's time to practise some tests and flex your newly acquired tips. Clevry have practice test questions and solutions for test takers on their website. There are numerical and verbal practice tests.

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