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Note: AssessmentDay and its products are not affiliated with Korn Ferry. Our practice tests are intended only for candidate preparation, not for employee selection.

About Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry are a test publisher that help employers in hiring the right employees for their open positions. They also offer services to test an employer's current workforce to find those, for example, with the best leadership qualities. Korn Ferry use a selection of different aptitude tests to assess candidates along with personality tests that are focused on identifying candidates with the highest potential and with the best leadership-styles. Korn Ferry also administer tests for Talent Q. These are all companies under the Hay Group.

Korn Ferry Personality tests

As mentioned, a key focus for Korn Ferry's assessments are identifying leadership qualities and these can be best discovered with personality tests. Korn Ferry's personality assessments are created to identify the aspects of someone's personality that relate to success, their motivations and behaviour.

  • Korn Ferry 4 Dimensional Executive Assessment: Throughout their years of conducting assessments, Korn Ferry have found the 4 key metrics that they believe determine success. These are Competencies, Experiences, Traits and Drivers. In their words: Competencies and Experiences assess what you do and Drivers and Traits capture who you are. These 4 dimensions are the pillars of their assessments, helping them to create their candidate insights.

Korn Ferry Aptitude Assessments

Aside from personality tests and SJTs, Korn Ferry also use common psychometric tests such as numerical, verbal and logical reasoning tests.

  • Numerical Reasoning: The Korn Ferry numerical reasoning tests will be much like any standard numerical reasoning assessments you may face. You will be asked to answer questions on tables and graphs which are designed to test your numerical and data analysis ability.
  • Verbal Reasoning: The Korn Ferry verbal reasoning tests will be again be similar to standard verbal reasoning tests. You will be given a passage of text and asked questions assessing your ability to understand and interpret.
  • Raven's Matrix / Logical Reasoning: Korn Ferry Raven's matrix test is a non-verbal test and may be found under other names such as logical reasoning. This test will give you a 3x3 grid with one square missing, you must analyse the grid identifying patterns and sequences between the different squares to identify which answer option is the missing square.
  • In-tray and E-tray: Korn Ferry's in-tray and e-tray exercises will be the same as standard e-tray exercises, but will be relevant to the role and company you're applying to. You will be given a selection of documents such as emails, newspaper clippings, sales sheets. You will then be asked to manage the workload of tasks you are given and answer them efficiently.
  • Blended Assessment: Korn Ferry are strong advocates of giving candidates the best possible assessment experience. From their data, they have seen that candidates don't like spending too long taking assessments and so you may face a 'blended assessment' which will be one test that incorporates various different test types. Here you will be tackling numerical, verbal, personality, logical (and so on..) questions all in one test.

You can find examples of all these test types on our site (except blended assessment), if you can't find them simply use the search box at the top of our site.

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Example Korn Ferry (Talent Q Elements) Logical Question

Let's look at some Korn Ferry (Talent Q Elements) logical style questions that we have here at AssessmentDay.We will break them down to see how a typical logical question will work for a Korn Ferry test.

korn ferry style logical reasoning question 1

At first glance this might look like a random assortment of lines and shapes, but upon inspection you'll notice that there are some consistencies across the shapes. Namely, there are rotations of the same shape among them. There are two distinct types of shapes, an F type shape, and a double reflected L type shape. We can notice that the third row contains the F shape and that the top two rows contain the L shape. Therefore, our ? will need to an L type shape.

We can also see that across the rows the shapes rotate 90 degress anticlockwise from left to right. Therefore, we can logical deduce that the ? will be the L type shape that is a 90 degree clockwise rotation of the shape in the top middle column. Thus the correct answer is the answer shape in bottom right corner of shapes.

korn ferry style logical reasoning question 2

This is a hard question, one typical of the more challenging Korn Ferry style logical questions. You can immediately see that each box contains three arrows - this is consistent. However they are rotated into different directions in each box. Upon inspection we can notice that across columns the middle arrow is consistent from the top row and the bottom. Therefore, we can determine that the middle arrow in around answer will be pointed upwards. The other consistent factor is that the left and right arrows of each box are pointed in the same direction, though there appears to be no trick behind which way they are pointed.

If we look at our answer options, we'll notice that only two answers have the middle arrow pointed upwards and only one answer has the left and right arrows pointed in the same directiona as each other. Therefore, this is our only logically possible correct answer.

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