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Talent Q provides innovative online psychometric assessments, training and assessment consulting for every stage of the employee lifecycle.

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About Talent Q

Inspired and developed by Roger Holdsworth (who previously co-founded SHL), Talent Q offer leading edge online psychometric testing and a new way of applying assessment to talent management. They have a robust, straightforward and accessible portfolio of assessments that offer unbeatable value for clients and a great candidate experience.

Talent Q deliver solutions all over the world, tailored to client needs, combining online technology, blended learning and consulting capabilities. Their psychometric tests are available in over 40 languages and are used worldwide. Talent Q psychometric tests are held in high regard by employers and clients include Astra Zeneca, BT, Carlsberg, Citi, RBS, Royal Mail and Volkswagen.

Talent Q ability tests

Elements is a unique, online ability testing system that measures verbal, numerical and logical skills. It can be used across all sectors, functions and graduate, professional and managerial levels. Elements measures three individual abilities:

  • Elements Verbal: This test measures your verbal reasoning ability, your ability to understand written information and to evaluate arguments about this information.
  • Elements Numerical: This test measures your numerical reasoning ability, your ability to understand tables of numerical data, as well as your ability to make logical deductions.
  • Elements Logical: This measures your inductive/logical reasoning ability, your ability to work flexibly with unfamiliar information and to find solutions.

The unique feature of the Elements series is its use of adaptive testing. Adaptive Testing means that each question automatically increases or decreases in difficulty depending on the candidate's performance in the previous question. Unlike other tests in which the difficulty level either remains constant or increases over time, adaptive tests will increase in difficulty upon correct answers, or decrease in difficulty upon incorrect answers. This approach reduces the overall time required to administer the test.

Talent Q personality and competency questionnaires

Talent Q also provides personality and competency-based assessments, designed to ensure that a candidate's competencies and personal qualities fit with that of the employing organisation. As with all personality questionnaires, there are no right or wrong answers; they assess your preferences in the workplace and suggest your competencies based on these preferences.

The Talent Q personality and competency assessments, which are likely to be encountered in recruitment and development situations, include:

  • Talent Q Dimensions: Dimensions is an in-depth personality assessment which takes about 25 minutes to complete. This assessment will be encountered during the later stages of the recruitment process, or used for employee development purposes.
  • Talent Q Aspects: Aspects is a competency-based assessment designed to provide companies with a quick screening process, allowing them to sift out candidates who do not have the key competencies needed for that role. This assessment is only 8 minutes long and is frequently used for high volume recruitment.

Preparing for a Talent Q psychometric assessment

Talent Q have a dedicated website TryTalentQ.com for candidates to prepare and gets advice for taking ther Talent Q tests.

AssessmentDay have practice tests and advice to help candidates understand more about psychometric tests generally. We have practice verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning tests which will help you prepare for taking a psychometric test. At AssessmentDay candidates are able to practise as much as they need to before their real test, giving them a good understanding of the tests employers use in recruitment.