About AssessmentDay

Learn the story of our beginnings, who we are, and how we became experts in providing psychometric testing advice.


Thousands of students, each year, put their trust in us to help them achieve their dreams and guide them into their chosen career path. We are trusted by over 40 UK universities and are featured on prominent job sites, such as Prospects and Targetjobs.

It all started when we had to take an assessment ourselves!

When I was an engineering student at Bristol University, a friend and I were struggling to find reliable practice tests that accurately reflected the tests that employers were using. So we had the idea of providing tests that students and job seekers could trust and know, with confidence, would help prepare them for the real thing. Now our tests are written by several test experts including professionals who have worked for major psychometric test publishers such as SHL, Kenexa, PSL and Talent Q.

We are confident our tests provide the best simulation of the ones you will have to face during applications.

We are devoted to helping students through what can be an extremely stressful time. We are an active engager in student enterprise. You may have seen us at workshops we have featured in around the UK such as the University of Essex’s Entreprenuer’s Workshop. If you do ever notice us, be sure to come over and say hello!

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The future for AssessmentDay is bright...

With the constant rise in popularity of psychometric testing in recruitment, our role is becoming increasingly important. We continue to focus our energies on what we're best at, providing expert testing material and advice for you to succeed. From our humble beginnings we continue to steadily grow. We aim to further increase transparency and understanding of what can be complex assessment processes.

So if you are on the hunt for some practice tests and need that extra boost in your test performance, then you can trust us to help!

Want to improve your test performance?

If you're serious about improving your test performance and ensuring that you're part of that top tier of applicants then we can help.