Saville Consulting

An international occupational psychology consultancy, founded by Professor Peter Saville.

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About Saville Consulting

Saville Consulting is an international occupational psychology consultancy, founded by Professor Peter Saville (co-founder of SHL) in 2004. Saville Consulting is a major player in the psychometric test publishing market, and their tests are used across the globe by all companies small, medium and large. Psychometric tests published by Saville Consulting are known to be thoroughly researched before publication, and their personality questionnaires are amongst the most valid.

Saville Consulting aptitude tests

Saville Consulting publishes numerous psychometric ability tests, assessing verbal, numerical, diagrammatic, abstract, error checking and mechanical aptitude. Due to the origins of the company and its founder, Saville psychometric tests may appear to some candidates as similar to SHL tests. In practice Saville tests tend to have strong face validity, that is to say the material bears close resemblance to the figures, tables and documents likely to be encountered in the world of work. Depending on the tests used, each individual test could take between 6-24 minutes. The aptitude tests you are likely to encounter through Saville Consulting are:

  • Verbal aptitude: Tests to assess candidates’ ability to understand written information by providing a section of text, and requiring the candidate to make logical deductions based on that text.
  • Numerical aptitude: Numerical aptitude tests will assess candidates’ numerical reasoning ability, the ability to analyse and interpret numerical data i.e. statistical, graphical and financial data.
  • Diagrammatic aptitude: Diagrammatic aptitude, sometimes referred to as logical or deductive reasoning, involves analysis of processes and operators and applying those operators to diagrams. Candidates will frequently be provided with a process diagram with a key and be asked to deduce missing diagrams which fit the sequence.
  • Error checking aptitude: These tests will assess candidates’ ability to check and identify verbal, numerical and coding errors. Candidates will be provided with two sets of transposed data, with one set containing errors. These errors must be successfully identified by the candidate.
  • Spatial aptitude: Spatial aptitude is the ability to apply spatial judgement and visualise objects from multiple angles. These tests will assess candidates' ability to solve rotational and transformation problems, visualise objects and notice inconsistencies. This ability may be tested for positions requiring technical ability such as science and engineering.
  • Mechanical aptitude: This test measures mechanical reasoning ability, including understanding mechanical problems, comprehending physical principles and estimating movement of objects. This ability may be used for technical positions such as engineers, production workers and designers.

Saville Consulting personality questionnaires

Saville Consulting publish one of the most valid personality questionnaires on the market, the Saville Wave ®. Their personality questionnaires assess personality and behavioural preferences in the workplace, and they build a profile based on the data self-reported by the candidate. There are no right or wrong answers with these tests; they are simply a reflection of the candidate’s personality in the work place. Research has demonstrated that Saville Consulting Wave ® questionnaires are powerful predictors of a wide variety of performance and behaviour at work. Saville questionnaires include:

  • Wave ® Professional Styles: This 40 minute personality questionnaire gives an in-depth assessment of candidates' personality in the work place, providing a detailed report based on that profile, including strengths, areas for development and recommended culture-orientation fit.
  • Wave ® Focus Styles: The Focus styles is a shorter, 13 minute questionnaire, featuring the same questions as the professional styles, with the same objectives but with less questionnaire items.

Preparing for Saville Consulting Psychometric Tests

Saville Consulting have a dedicated webpage for test takers: Saville Consulting. The company you are applying to should also be able to explain more about the test you will have to take.

For psychometric tests generally, AssessmentDay offers numerous verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning practice tests to help candidates familiarise themselves with the type of tests employers use. AssessmentDay allows you to practise tests and exercises, which will help you to perform your best in your ability test.