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Test Partnership is a psychometric test publisher, providing both aptitude and personality tests.


About Test Partnership

Test Partnership are a UK-based psychometric test publisher, specialising in tests for recruitment, selection and development. Test Partnership provides assessments to organisations worldwide, from SMEs to companies of global scope. Test Partnership has clients from all industries, and includes public, private and third sector clients. Candidates are increasing likely to encounter Test Partnership tests and candidates both in the UK and abroad may be asked to complete a Test Partnership test by a prospective employer.

Gamified Assessments

Test Partnership have launched MindMetriQ, a suite of gamified assessments aimed at being more reliable, accurate, valid, and above all, fun for candidates resulting in higher engagement!

Test Partneship tests

Elements is a unique, online ability testing system that measures verbal, numerical and logical skills. It can be used across all sectors, functions and graduate, professional and managerial levels. Elements measures three individual abilities:

Time Limit: Maximum 15 minutes for all Elements assessments.

  • MindmetriQ™ Gamified Assessments: As one of the better examples of gamification, Test Partnership has a series of gamified assessments called MindmetriQ. It's eye-catching and quite fun (compared to traditional tests anyway). There are six games each lasting between 4 and 7 minutes, and each measuring an element of your cognitive ability.
  • Insights Numerical™ Reasoning: Test Partnership numerical reasoning tests focus on your ability to solve numerical problems, understand mathematical principles and make decisions using numerical data. There are 15 questions to be answered in 15 minutes.
  • Insights Verbal™ Reasoning: Test Partnership verbal reasoning tests are pretty standard verbal reasoning tests with 20 questions to be answered in 15 minutes.
  • Insights Inductive™ Reasoning: Test Partnership inductive reasoning tests follow a similar pattern to standard inductive reasoning test. They consist of 15 questions to be answered in a minute each.
  • Test Partnership Adaptive Questionnaire (TPAQ): Test Partnership's personality questionnaire is computer-adaptive, which means more scales can be measured in shorter time. Candidates do not need to practice for personality questionnaires, as all questions are multiple choice, untimed and have no right or wrong answers.

Tips and advice for Test Partnership tests

Talent Q also provides personality and competency-based assessments, designed to ensure that a candidate's competencies and personal qualities fit with that of the employing organisation. As with all personality questionnaires, there are no right or wrong answers; they assess your preferences in the workplace and suggest your competencies based on these preferences.

The Talent Q personality and competency assessments, which are likely to be encountered in recruitment and development situations, include:

  • 1) Use your calculator: Test Partnership numerical reasoning tests differ from most other numerical reasoning tests. It comprises two subtests, the first subtest focuses on calculations, and the second subtest focuses on making decisions using numerical data.
  • 2) Practise beforehand: Practice makes perfect, and doing example questions before hand is the most effective method of improving your score. Practising is the most effective use of our time before an assessment, and will pay dividends if you practice thoroughly.
  • 3) Internet connection: Test Partnership tests are all online, so ensure that you have a stable and reliable internet connection.
  • 4) Read all instructions: It sounds like such a simple one but you don't want to trip yourself up by answering the wrong question!

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Preparing for a Test Partnership test

Test Partnership practice test questions and advice for test takers on their website. There are numerical, verbal and inductive pages.

AssessmentDay also have practice tests which are similar to the style of psychometric tests employers use in recruitment. AssessmentDay have, amongst other types, numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning tests practice questions which is really helpful if you are a test-taker needing to prepare for taking a psychometric test. At AssessmentDay candidates have the opportunity to practice as much as they need to, ensuring they are given the best opportunity to show their true ability under test conditions. The best packs to buy for preparing for a Test Partnership test are our numerical and verbal packs, or if you will be taking several tests from different publishers you should go the whole-hog and buy our Bundle Pack.

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