SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

SHL Verbal Reasoning tests are the most widely-used verbal reasoning tests and are an objective way to measure a candidate's ability.

Note: AssessmentDay and its products are not affiliated with SHL. Our practice tests are intended only for candidate preparation, not for employee selection.

About the SHL verbal reasoning Test

Employers use SHL verbal reasoning tests to obtain a clear, objective measure of how well someone is likely to perform in a role which requires verbal reasoning skills. SHL verbal tests take two forms: verbal reasoning and verbal comprehension.

The verbal reasoning type of tests are the most common and are typically used for graduate level roles and above. SHL verbal reasoning tests involve reading a passage of text and deciding, based on the information in the passage, whether a series of statements are either true, false, or not possible to say without further information. The important thing for candidates to bear in mind with this type of verbal test is to base their answers on only the information contained within the passages; they must not infer anything or base answers on knowledge they have from outside the test.

The verbal comprehension type of SHL test is slightly different in that these require the candidate to answer multiple-choice questions on their understanding of the text passage. So instead of choosing true, false or cannot say, candidates are asked verbal comprehension questions about the text.

Most SHL verbal tests are now taken online. Online versions can be taken either unsupervised where the candidate gets to choose where and when they sit the test or they will be supervised, typically at the employer's office or test centre. The traditional format of SHL verbal tests is paper and pencil, with a trained assessor supervising the test session.

SHL Verify™ is an SHL series of tests which saves testing time and increases test security. SHL Verify verbal tests randomly draw questions from a large database of verbal questions of equal difficulty, so that the chance of any two candidates seeing exactly the same test is very slim. This approach protects against piracy and reduces the risk of cheating by candidates.

Part of the Verify system is a follow-up test which is given to candidates who took a verbal test unsupervised. Employers can verify that the applicant that has arrived at their office is the same person who took the online verbal test. SHL achieve this using independent test security specialists to look at test response patterns and other indicators.

Prepare for SHL tests

Our practice test packs are suitable for preparing for SHL tests. Our practice tests come with solutions included. *Not suitable for Verify Interactive Series.

SHL verbal reasoning practice tests

SHL recommend that candidates take a practice verbal test before sitting their full test. SHL send out a short set of practice questions to candidates when they send the test invitation letter. SHL follow this good practice to help them measure a candidate's true (innate) verbal ability and not how well they cope with surprise. Some candidates will have taken SHL verbal tests before and some will not. So by levelling the playing field, SHL aim to achieve an objective measure of verbal skills which can be compared like-for-like.

The example verbal questions SHL send out will not include the answers or solutions, but simply by seeing the question format candidates will be less anxious before their verbal test. SHL don't reveal the answers to these practice tests due to the risks of piracy.

When employers use SHL verbal reasoning tests they are encouraged to give candidates feedback afterwards. If you are a test-taker make sure you ask about the company's policy on providing feedback as if you can get it it is useful to understand your own verbal strengths and weaknesses.

Why practise SHL verbal reasoning tests?

By practising for your SHL verbal test you are more likely to perform to the best of your ability. You will become familiar with the style of verbal questions SHL use and how long you will have to answer each question.

Practice is important for SHL verbal reasoning tests because it can take some getting used to answering questions based solely on the information contained in the passage without jumping to conclusions. By practising ahead you will be familiar with the style of SHL verbal tests and you will save precious seconds compared with if you had had no practice.