SHL Inductive Reasoning Test

SHL tests are the most widely-used inductive reasoning tests and are an objective way to measure a candidate's logical reasoning ability.

Note: AssessmentDay and its products are not affiliated with SHL. Our practice tests are intended only for candidate preparation, not for employee selection.

What is an inductive reasoning test?

Inductive reasoning tests are assessments designed to test a candidate’s logical problem solving ability. Inductive reasoning test are common forms of psychometric assessment used for recruitment, selection and development at all levels. They are particularly common for positions which require technical or analytical skill, such as engineering or finance. In these tests you will need to think logically and methodically to spot patterns in a sequence of graphics. Candidates will then be able to select from multiple choices which diagram best fits the sequence. These tests will be under timed conditions and candidates will need to work quickly and accurately in order to succeed.

Prepare for SHL tests

Our practice test packs are suitable for preparing for SHL tests. Our practice tests come with solutions included. *Not suitable for Verify Interactive.

About the SHL inductive reasoning test

SHL verify inductive reasoning test is by far the most common SHL inductive reasoning test on the market and candidate recruited for graduate level positions to senior executive level positions may be likely to encounter this test. This test will take typically 25 minutes to complete and will contain 24 questions. The verification questions, which may or may not be used after in initial test, which will be done under supervised conditions to verify the accuracy of the initial test will be 7 minutes long with 7 questions.

How to prepare for an SHL inductive reasoning test

AssessmentDay inductive reasoning tests follow a similar layout and share a similar style to the SHL inductive reasoning tests. Therefore practice inductive reasoning tests can provide an ideal method of practice before your SHL inductive reasoning assessment. This can be particularly helpful for candidates that have not undertaken an inductive reasoning test before, or even taken an aptitude test before. Having been under test conditions in a practice test, and learned from your mistakes in previous trials, you will be able to perform to a much higher degree than had you not fully prepared yourself before your inductive reasoning test.

And finally

With proper preparation and practice you will ensure that you are fully ready to undertake an inductive reasoning task. These tests are considered more confusing and less natural than numerical and verbal reasoning tests, as candidates may not be required to use inductive skills as often in everyday life.

AssessmentDay offers numerous numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning practice tests, presenting you with a method of practice and preparation before undertaking an SHL ability test. Ensuring you are fully prepared beforehand will maximize your chances of performing highly on these tests because you will be less anxious and able to show your true ability.

Ensuring you have researched enough information about inductive reasoning, and have practised a few inductive reasoning tests, you can insure that you are ready to take on the real thing, best of luck!