UBS Online Tests and Application Process: A Comprehensive Guide for Candidates

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About UBS Online Tests

The UBS online tests and application process play a crucial role in securing a position with one of the world's leading financial institutions. This comprehensive guide aims to provide all the necessary information to navigate the UBS hiring process successfully. From online tests to the application timeline, we will cover every aspect of the journey.

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UBS use the following tests in their selection process:

  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Cultural Appraiser test
  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Logical reasoning test

Before embarking on the application process, it is essential to familiarise yourself with UBS's core values, principles, and behaviours. These include capital strength, simplification and efficiency, risk management, client centricity, connectivity, sustainable impact, accountability with integrity, collaboration, and innovation.

Which tests are used in the application process?

UBS utilises various online tests to evaluate candidates' skills and suitability for specific roles. The most common tests include:

  • UBS Cultural Appraiser Test: This situational judgment test assesses candidates' cultural awareness and sensitivity. It presents work-related scenarios that involve cultural diversity, and candidates must select the most appropriate responses.
  • UBS Numerical Reasoning Test: This test evaluates candidates' numerical and data interpretation skills. It assesses your ability to analyse financial information and make accurate calculations under time constraints.
  • UBS Verbal Reasoning Test: This test measures candidates' verbal comprehension, critical thinking, and communication skills. It assesses your ability to understand and draw conclusions from written passages.
  • UBS Logical Reasoning Test: This test evaluates candidates' logical and analytical thinking abilities. It assesses your capacity to identify patterns, draw logical inferences, and solve problems.

Understanding the UBS online tests and application process is essential for aspiring candidates. By preparing adequately, demonstrating cultural awareness, and aligning with UBS's values, young professionals can increase their chances of securing a position at this prestigious financial institution. Remember to research, practise, and showcase your authentic self throughout the process, setting yourself on the path to a successful career with UBS.

UBS Application Process Stages

Here is the typical process for your application to UBS.

Stage 1


Online Application: Begin by submitting an online application form on the UBS careers website. Provide accurate and comprehensive information regarding your personal details, education, work experience, and motivations for joining UBS. Tailor your CV and cover letter to highlight relevant skills, experiences, and achievements. Emphasise your alignment with UBS's values and demonstrate your interest in the financial industry.

Stage 2

Online Aptitude Tests

Candidates will then be invited to complete a Numerical Reasoning test and a UBS Situational Judgement Cultural Appraiser, with the numerical test consisting of 18 questions. The Numerical Reasoning test has a strict time limit, so practice tests are recommended. The exact tests you are asked to do will depend upon the role applied for.

Stage 3


Those who are successful at the online testing stage, will progress to the next stage in the UBS selection process. UBS conducts several rounds of interviews, including competency-based interviews and potentially assessment centres. Honesty and openness are recommended.


Deepen your knowledge of UBS, its business areas, recent developments, and the financial industry as a whole. Utilise the UBS website, news articles, and industry reports for comprehensive insights.

Stage 4

Assessment Centre

The final stage is attendance at an assessment centre, in which candidates will complete a combination of the following: an analysis exercise, a group exercise and a competency based interview, which will refer to the companies key capabilities; Judgement, Drive, Execution and Influence. Successful applications at stage 4 will be given an offer of a place on one of the Graduate Schemes offered by UBS Banking Group. Applicants for some positions may be asked to provide evidence of their numerical reasoning capabilities.

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Why do UBS use online tests?

UBS uses online tests in their recruitment process for efficient screening, standardized assessment, skill evaluation, cost-effectiveness, time efficiency, and objective selection criteria. These tests allow UBS to assess candidates' abilities and competencies objectively and efficiently, narrowing down the applicant pool based on predetermined benchmarks. While the difficulty of the UBS application process is subjective, it is important to note that UBS is a highly reputable institution with a rigorous process designed to identify top talent that aligns with their values and meets their high standards. Thorough preparation and showcasing your qualifications and cultural fit are key to navigating the process successfully.

Are the UBS application and tests difficult?

The difficulty of the UBS application process compared to other institutions is subjective and can vary based on individual experiences. However, UBS is a renowned global financial institution known for its competitiveness. Their application process involves multiple stages, including online applications, assessments, interviews, and potentially assessment centers, to evaluate candidates' skills, competencies, and cultural fit. Thorough preparation, research, and practice of online tests can enhance your chances of success. It's important to approach each stage with a focus on showcasing your qualifications and alignment with UBS's values. While challenging, the process offers an opportunity for growth and a chance to demonstrate your potential to contribute to UBS's success.

Answered questions

How difficult are your tests?

The same difficulty as real tests. Generally real employer selection tests don't differ that much in terms of difficulty which is why they compare your score against norm groups. Our practice tests are pitched roughly at graduate level, but this means they are actually suitable for preparing for all levels of job: entry; apprentice; graduate; senior; director.

Are they compatible with my Mac / Tablet / Phone?

Yes, and PC, and Linux and smartphone and Android and...everything. Our practice tests will run on all systems and they are responsive so they will work well on tablets and smartphones too!

How many times can I take the tests?

Unlimited. You can take our practice tests as many times as you like; there is no limit. But to be honest, after taking the same test a few times you start to remember the answers, so that’s why we have lots of tests.