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About Boots online assessments

Boots have several graduate opportunities on offer and use aptitude tests to assess a candidate's abilities quickly and easily. In order to secure a graduate position, you will need to pass Boots' application process.

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Boots use the following tests in their selection process:

  • General Cognitive Ability
  • Personality
  • Situational judgement

Boots is the UK's largest health and beauty chain. They have over 2,400 stores nation wide. You can join Boots through either their Finance Graduate Programme or a direct entry graduate role. Boots require you to have scored a 2:1, or be on track for a 2:1, to apply. The use of assessment tests allow Boots to filter through applicants quicker, allowing them to reduce the size of their applicant pool down to those they believe will be best suited for the job due to their high performance in the aptitude tests.

Boots Application Process Stages

Stage 1

ApplicationThe whole application process will vary depending on the Boots region you are applying to. Some of the stages may not apply, and some may appear in a different sequence. However, all will require that you complete an application form. The form is very standard - you will need to provide contact details, your CV and answer some preliminary questions.

Stage 2

Online AssessmentsOnce your application has been reviewed and successfully passed screening, an online assessment will be employed. Once again, each region will operate under their own system. Generally there will be 3 online assessments used: general cognitive ability test, Graduate Scenarios, and a personality test.

Stage 3

Assessment centreFor the final stage of the process you will be invited to an assessment centre at their Support Office in Nottingham. The assessment centre is designed to assess your skills and give you an idea of life at Boots by showcasing some of the tasks and duties required. There will be various activities included such as interviews, group work, and presentations.

Stage 4

The OfferIf you have been successful then Boots will be in touch with you to give you an offer of employment; unsuccessful candidates will also be contacted.

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Boots general cognitive ability test

The Boots general cognitive ability test is an assessment that includes numerical, problem-solving, and critical reasoning questions. It is an online assessment and has a time limit.

Boots Graduate Scenarios

The Boots Graduate Scenarios is a situational judgement test that will assess a candidate's behaviour in workplace situations. You will be presented with an example workplace scenario that you may encounter as a Boots employee and will be required to choose how you would respond from a possible 4 answer options. This assessment is not timed. We have an SJT practise pack, however, the SJT tests included are not bespoke to Boots and so how Boots may wish their employees to respond to certain situations may vary to the scenarios and responses presented in our SJT pack.

Boots personality test

The Boots personality test will require you to choose from a selection of statements and select which are 'Most True' and which are 'Least True'. This assessment is not timed and there are no correct answers. Boots will simply want to understand your personality type and whether it would be compatible with their team and office culture etc.

Answered questions

Are there any requirements for the Boots graduate programmes?

Boots simply require you to have, or be projected, a 2:1 degree to be considered for their open positions. You must then pass all the application steps to land a job at Boots.