How to Pass BDO's Application Process

This guide will help you to apply for a job at BDO and explain the different parts of the application process.

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BDO use the following tests in their selection process:
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About BDO numerical reasoning test

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Preparation for your BDO Assessment

Stage 1

Submit Online Application

The online form requires you to tell about your prior work experience, academic qualifications, and extracurricular activities. The online application is basically an introduction of you for BDO. That's why it's important for you to highlight your strengths and point toward the fact why you're the right choice. Share all the relevant information without exaggeration.

Filling in the online form can take up to an hour and it's identical for all hopefuls to ensure transparency and fairness. It is imperative to show that you understand the role you're applying for and the responsibilities it will entail. Don't forget to use the "Save as Draft" option to ensure you don't lose any progress. After you've submitted the online form, you can't make any changes and will receive a confirmation email.

You can always track the progress on your application by logging back. This is the first but vital step so it's recommended that you take as much help as you can to ensure you're getting everything right.

Stage 2

Take the Online Ability Assessment

If you qualify in the first stage and meet the required criteria, BDO will send you an invitation to take two online reasoning tests including critical and numerical reasoning.

Critical Reasoning Test:

This assessment includes scenarios where you've to exercise your better judgment to make the right decisions. It checks your ability to build logical and rational line of thought.

Numerical Reasoning Test:

Here you are tested for your ability to see patterns in figures and data. It's better to prepare for this test beforehand so you don't find yourself overwhelmed.

Stage 3

Video Interview

With video interview, you have the opportunity to express whether you are the perfect fit for BDO. A questionnaire will be provided, and your response will help BDO determine your personality, your capabilities and potential. If this is your first time taking a video interview, there is nothing to be concerned about.

The system will walk you through every single step of the procedure in detail. Before you start taking the idea interview, you will also have the chance to take answer an assessment question. Following are some important questions that might be a part of your video interview:

  • Why do you want to work at BDO
  • Why are you best suited for the service line you applied for
  • What individuality will you be bringing to this role

Enhance your preparation by carefully researching the company, especially the service line you are applying for. Your competence will most likely impress us if you are able to quote the exact facts and details about the company.

Your chances of being appointed are better if you are honest in the video interview. The purpose of this procedure is determining your personality traits and abilities and evaluating whether you’d be best suited for the firm. You are most likely to impress your employer if are honest about your expertise and experience. Your confidence about your examples will definitely work in your favour. Instead of composing a false resume, come clean about the little mistakes or lack of experience

Stage 4

BDO Assessment Centre

You can also apply for different graduate internship and school leaver programmes by taking the graduate and school leaver assessment which is carried on all day and is taken by almost ten individuals. You will be notified about the location, day and timing in advance for your so you can make your travel arrangements comfortably. The assessment day usually consists of following components:

  • Group exercise
  • Individual presentation
  • Lunch
  • Final interview

Stage 5

Group Exercise

In group exercise you’ll be given an actual client situation. A company is facing particular issue, for instance losing clients, budget cuts etc., and you will provided with a list of strategies for solving the problem and detailed information about the company. Your job is to figure out which approach will solve the particular problem after a series of discussion with your team mates, and also debate how BDO can assist the company in this process.

Research what services BDO provides with so you can discuss about the issue productively.

Stage 6

Individual Presentation

You will be informed about the topic of your presentation when you are invited to the evaluation institute. It’s mandatory to give a 20 minute presentation which will be taken by BDO assessor from the group exercise after lunch. Also, be prepared about some questions regarding your presentation topic and how your group exercise went earlier and will you do it differently if you got had chance to do it again. Try being creative and avoid critiquing other individuals yourself.

Stage 7


After group exercise, an hour will be given for lunch, during which you’ll get a golden chance to meet the trainees, ask them any question or details about the job and the company. This acquired information will later help you during your final interview. Remember during lunch you are not being evaluated, so don’t hold back while asking questions.

Stage 8
Final Interview

The style of your interview depends upon the approach of your interviewer. It can be cool and composed or pressured, intrusive and a interrogating. Eight competency questions will be asked including questions like why you chose accounting.

Your preparedness will be assessed by questions about your life choices and your opinions. Your confidence may be tested by interviewers’ dismissive behaviour and you will be evaluated according to your personality, your ability to defend your opinions and your ability to argue.

The partner interview lasts about 50 minutes.

You will be given an opportunity to ask questions about the firm at the end of the interview. Make sure that you ask at least two to three compelling questions about BDO or the matters discussed during your interview.

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