AB InBev Online Assessments and Application Process

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About AB InBev online assessments

AB InBev put potential candidates through online assessments in order to find the best employees for their various job programmes.

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AB InBev use the following tests in their selection process:

  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Logical reasoning test
  • Personality test

AB InBev was formed through various mergers throughout the years which has resulted in it's current name - AB InBev. AB InBev are the world's largest brewer and continue to expand, resulting in many job opportunities across the world.

AB InBev's headquarters are in Belgium, but can be found in 16 countires across the world. The job programmes available will vary between locations, and some roles will require you to travel.

You can find all of the available job positions on their website, typically AB InBev's programmes are open between October and May. It's best to apply early to avoid dissapointment.

AB InBev, as the world's largest brewer, have many applicatants wanting to a role at the company. Due to the popularity of their programmes, AB InBev have multiple steps in their application process to help manage the number of applicants and help them reduce the number of applicants down to a number that is manageable for the interview and assessment day stages. One of the main tools to help assess which candidates should progress in the application process are online assessments. AB InBev use Cognisess, a talent assessment tool, to evaluate their applicants with their AB InBev Cognisess tests.

AB InBev Application Process Stages

Stage 1

Online Application

Applications are made online and require candidates to provide their contact details, education and work experience. They are also required to complete a few screening questions, which are used to ensure that the candidate is suited to their selected role. You will not be asked any complex questions at this stage.

Stage 2

Online Assessment Tests

Once you have completed your initial online application, you will be asked to complete some online assessments. The assessments are a personality questionairre (culture fit), a selection of aptitude test questions, and potentially an online video interview. The video interview will not be live with someone on the other end asking you questions, but will be pre-recorded questions.

Stage 3

Assessment Day

Successful candidates will be invited to an assessment day. Unsuccessful candidates will also recieve an email telling them they unfortunately will not progress any further.

The assessment day will be attended by a group of other successful candidates and will involve a selection work-relevant exercises and interviews. The exercises could involve group exercises, presentations, case-studies, etc. After the assessment day and interviews, successful candidates will be given job offers.

I think what helped me throughout the whole application process was just being myself, trying to enjoy the total experience.

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AB InBev 'Culture Fit' personality test

AB InBev have a personality test called 'Culture Fit' which will be one of the assessments required for all applicants.

AB InBev Culture Fit assessment will require you to answer personality questions in order to evaulate your personality and determine if you are a good fit for AB InBev. AB InBev have a certain culture they have created and wish to promote and uphold. To help with this, the AB InBev Culture Fit assessment will allow them to find the candidates which best uphold the values which AB InBev admire.

AB InBev cognitive ability tests

AB InBev don't use ordinary psychometric tests but have instead opted for game-based assessments with the test publisher Cognisess. These game-based assessments will still test your numerical, verbal, logical ability but in a more fun and interactive format. Why not try our memory cards game to see what a game-based assessment is like.

Answered questions

What are the minimum requirements for AB InBev?

The minumum requirements for AB InBev will vary depending on the programme, but generally a 2:1 from university will what is desired.

If I fail the test can I reapply?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to reapply for the same yearly intake. You will have to wait for the next cycle to reapply.