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Chapter 4: Situational Judgement Tests

Situational Judgement Tests

The situational judgement test is designed to find out how you would theoretically behave in different work-related situations. The questions are designed by psychologists who ask managers of the company a) what typical situations arise in the job role and b) how an existing successful employee would behave in response to that situation

Your answers to the multiple choice questions are compared to the 'model' answers to see how closely your behavioural traits match those of already successful people at the company. For an example of a situational judgement test please go to our situational judgement test page. A quick example of the types of questions they include is given below.

A quick example question:

"You are a team leader in a customer contact centre. You just overheard an employee in your team telling a customer that they were “over-reacting” and that they needed to “get psychiatric help”. You are not sure what the customer’s call was about but now the call has finished and you have a chance to speak to the employee. What would you consider the most effective and least effective response?"

  • A) Tell the employee that you have no choice but to recommend their dismissal
  • B) Tell your employee that you will work with them to improve their performance over the next 3 months
  • C) Tell the employee to do it again
  • D) Ignore the employee's behaviour and hope they won't repeat their mistakes on another occasion

Free Situational Judgement Test Download (PDF)

Download this free example situational judgement test as a PDF and print it off to work through it in your own time. Click the link above to download the zipped file, alternatively, use the links below to view them online individually.


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