Assessment Centre Guide

Chapter 8: Psychometric Tests

Psychometric Tests

This chapter is really only to summarise the psychometric tests you are likely to encounter at your assessment centre, since we already have dedicated pages covering psychometric tests, numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests and inductive reasoning tests. The important thing to remember is that many companies ask candidates to sit a repeat psychometric test at the assessment centre, even if they've already completed an online test. This is because the assessors can never be totally sure that you weren't being helped during your unsupervised online test. If they re-test you at the assessment centre they will know for sure that your score was achieved by you.

The most common forms of psychometric test seen at assessment centres are personality questionnaires, numerical reasoning tests, and verbal reasoning tests. The personality questionnaire is more likely to have been done online before hand, and you won't be asked to repeat it because you can't 'cheat' in a personality questionnaire; there are no right and wrong answers. The personality questionnaire just aims to find out about your motives and preferences, like if you prefer working in a team or on your own.

You are likely to be re-tested on your aptitude test score at the assessment centre, to verify the results of your online test. This is not the case for personality questionnaires, which are normally taken just online prior to the assessment centre.

Numerical, verbal, inductive, and diagrammatic tests are strictly timed (usually between 18 and 30 minutes) and are multiple choice. The difficulty is such that you should be capable of answering all the questions but most people will not complete the test within the time limit.

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