Free E-Tray Exercise

This is a short sample version of a real e-tray exercise often used by employers.

Background Information

Founded by acting director Simon Ainswell in 2004, Ainswell Consulting Partners has steadily grown over the past decade and is considered to be a reputable consultancy specialising in small businesses. Initially the firm began as a financial advisory, later branching into various areas of consulting as demand grew for these types of bespoke services. Ainswell Consulting Partners is based in London with no other offices at present, although plans to add satellite offices are likely to develop in the next few years.

What We Do

Ainswell Consulting Partners' experience allows us to offer advice to small businesses looking for an edge. General services offered by ACP include: Strategic Management; Operations Management; Risk-Assessment; Change Management; and of course Financial Consulting. Ainswell Consulting Partners work exclusively with small businesses meaning that all clients must meet certain criteria, to ensure that ACP can provide appropriate success strategies.

Client Criteria

Key criteria for new clients are as follows:  

 Must be based in the UK
 No more than 25 employees
 Average yearly income must not exceed £5.5 Million

If potential clients do not meet the criteria listed above, Ainswell Consulting Partners will be unable to work with them. It is also preferable, although not strictly required, that potential clients operate from a single location so that our resources are targeted with maximum effect. These criteria are to ensure that ACP only accepts business projects suited to their resources and capacity, while helping to maintain a positive success rate.

Your Task

You have recently joined Ainswell Consulting Partners as a replacement of a mid-level consultant. There are some issues left unattended to and some new emails to deal with. You must respond to as many of the e-mails in your inbox as possible during the assigned time limit, keeping in mind that you will not be able to make or receive any further contact once the task is over.

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