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RBS is a global company, delievering products and financial services to customers across the world. Securing employment or a place on one of their graduate programmes is competitive and candidates should be prepared to complete a variety of tests and assessments during the selection procedure. Once an online application form has been completed, candidates are required to undertake online psychometric tests, which can consist of numerical, logical and verbal reasoning tests depending on the job role. This is typical of graduate level positions, although further tests may be required for higher level roles. Candidates are informed in advance as to which tests they will be required to take.

RBS use the TalentQ Elements aptitude tests throughout their selection process, as a means of screening out candidates who lack the abilities necessary for a career in this area. This ensures that only candidates with the necessary abilities progress to the next stages of recruitment.

The RBS Process

The RBS selection process is made of four stages:

  • Application: Applications are made online and require candidates to upload a copy of their CV and provide their contact details, education and work experience. This is also necessary for those applying through the employee referral scheme. After submitting their application, candidates are invited to undertake online psychometric tests. Access to the online assessments is often granted automatically upon submitting an application, but this can vary depending on the position applied for.
  • Online Assessment: The next stage of the selection process is online assessment, in which canditates will be required to complete an online numerical reasoning test. If this is successfully completed, applicants are prompted to complete a further logical reasoning test. RBS reasoning tests are from the TalentQ Elements series and are adaptive, which means the questions given to candidates during the test will differ depending on how well they have responded to previous items.
  • Telephone Interview: Successful candidates will then complete a telephone interview, comprised of knowledge-based and competency-based questions. Generally this interview will last between 30 and 40 minutes.
  • Assessment Centre: The final stage is attendance at an assessment centre, which will typically include a group exercise and interview although further exercises may be necessary for higher level positions. Successful applicants at stage 4 will be made an offer of employment or a place on a graduate programme with RBS.
    • *Some positions will require candidates to complete an additional verbal reasoning test at the “Online Assessment” stage.

    RBS Numerical Test

    In these tests, numerical data is provided to a candidate, usually in the form of graphs, tables, statistics and financial data. To answer these questions, candidates must analyse this data and make a logical conclusion from it, allowing them to select the correct answer. Typical numerical skills which are tested include addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, ratios, fractions and percentages.

    RBS Logical Test

    Logical reasoning questions present a sequence of numbers or symbols and ask the candidate to select the next item in the sequence, from multiple choice options. These tests are considered non-verbal reasoning and require candidates to recognise patterns or rules and use them to make logical conclusions as to what will come next. Logical reasoning tests have a set time limit, so it is important to work efficiently and try to answer as many questions as possible.

    RBS Verbal Test

    In these tests, candidates are provided with a passage of written information and asked to analyse and draw logical inferences from that written information. The questions will be multiple choice with the answer options being: true; false; cannot say. The key here is to answer the questions based purely on the information contained within the passage (ignore any prior knowledge you may have). Think literally, and go only on what you have been told in the passage.

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