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Lloyds Banking Group are a major financial institution and the fourth oldest bank in the UK, dating back to 1765, with services including commercial banking, retail, insurance and consumer finance. Lloyds Banking Group employed around 450 graduates on their graduate programmes in 2016, meaning that they implement a stringent selection procedure, which can vary depending on the area applied for. Generally, this will involve undertaking two aptitude tests; a numerical reasoning test and a Lloyds Strengths and Cultural Assessment. Candidates will be informed in advance as to which assessments they will need to complete.

Due to the limited number of places available on one of Lloyds Banking Group’s graduate programmes, it is advised that all candidates attending interviews should take time to learn about the company, its divisions and history; as this will demonstrate ambition and enthusiasm. Lloyds Banking Group tests are provided by Jobmi and have strict time limits, so practice tests are recommended.

The Lloyds Banking Group Process

The Lloyds Banking Group selection process is made of four stages:

  • Application: Applicants will be required to answer a few competency based questions and provide their contact details, education and work experience, this is to ensure that they meet the necessary entry criteria. The candidate will have the opportunity to upload their CV along with the application form.
  • Online Tests: Candidates will then be invited to complete a Numerical Reasoning test and a Lloyds Strengths and Cultural Assessment with the numerical test consisting of 18 questions. The Numerical Reasoning test has a strict time limit, so practice tests are recommended.
  • Video Interview: Those who are successful at the online testing stage, will progress to the next stage in the Lloyds Banking Group selection process, which is a video interview. This allows the candidate to present their strengths from activities inside and outside of work, and gives Lloyds Banking Group an impression of the type of person the candidate is. Honesty and openness are recommended.
  • Assessment Centre: The final stage is attendance at an assessment centre, in which candidates will complete a combination of the following: an analysis exercise, a group exercise and a competency based interview, which will refer to the companies key capabilities; Judgement, Drive, Execution and Influence. Successful applications at stage 4 will be given an offer of a place on one of the Graduate Schemes offered by Lloyds Banking Group. Applicants for some positions may be asked to provide evidence of their numerical reasoning capabilities.

Lloyds Banking Group Numerical Test

In these tests numerical data is provided to a candidate, usually in the form of graphs, tables, statistics and financial data. To answer these questions, candidates must analyse this data and make a logical conclusion from it, allowing them to select the correct answer. Typical numerical skills which are tested include addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, ratios, fractions and percentages. The Lloyds Banking Group numerical reasoning test consists of 18 questions and has a time limit of 18 minutes. The questions are adaptive, so do not be concerned if you feel they increase in difficulty.

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