Lidl are a German based retail chain with a large number of branches in the UK. They offer a variety of graduate programmes in a number of areas, ranging from retail to corporate management. The selection process for a place on one of their graduate programmes will involve psychometric testing to ensure that Lidl maintain a workforce well suited to their job roles, by assessing candidates’ abilities. The process typically requires successful completion of a numerical reasoning test and a number of assessment exercises. Different exercises are used depending on the job role, and all candidates are informed in advance as to which tests or exercises they will be required to complete.

Lidl use (CEB) SHL for their tests. The function of these tests is to screen out candidates without adequate numerical ability. This ensures that only those suited to a career with Lidl progress to the next stage of the selection process. The key competencies that Lidl look for in potential employees are leadership, commitment and ambition, teamwork, communication, motivation and self-development.

The Lidl Process

The Lidl selection process is made of three stages:

  • Application: Applicants will be required to complete and online application, providing their contact details, education and work experience. Lidl require applicants to upload a copy of their CV to be submitted with their application. Some roles also require a covering letter. This stage is largely to ensure that the candidates who progress further, meet the entry requirements for the selected job role. Candidates should receive a response from Lidl within 4 weeks of submitting their application.
  • First Interview/Assessment Centre: The second stage of the process is an assessment centre and group interview. The assessment centre group interview is somewhat like a combined group exercise and interview, in which candidates will be required to answer certain questions. The numerical test lasts approximately 20 minutes and does not permit the use of a calculator, so practice tests are recommended.
  • Second Interview: Candidates successful during the first two stages then undertake an individual face-to-face interview comprised of competency and motivational based questions. This interview should last around 40 minutes and is likely to be administered by a senior manager. Successful applicants at this stage will be given an offer of employment, or a place on one of the graduate programmes

Lidl Numerical Test

In these tests numerical data is provided to a candidate, usually in the form of graphs, tables, statistics and financial data. To answer these questions, candidates must analyse this data and make a logical conclusion from it, allowing them to select the correct answer. Typical numerical skills which are tested include addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, ratios, fractions and percentages.

Lidl Assessment Centre

The Lidl assessment day can consist of different exercises depending on whether an employment position or a place on one of the graduate schemes has been applied for. All candidates will be given a chance to ask questions and learn more about the position once the assessment exercises have ended.

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