AssessmentDay Comment on Psychometric Testing and Discrimination

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Psychometric testing has proven to be a popular and effective way to assess prospective employees, and is widely used by many companies across the globe during recruitment. These tests are designed specifically to avoid any trace of bias, aiming to feature questions which do not lean towards one age, gender or ethnic group more than another.

However, with online psychometric tests becoming more and more popular, there has been some concern over how fair this is for older generations. Whilst many younger people are now introduced to computers and the internet from an early age, experts believe that some older people may lack confidence when faced with modern technology.

Some experts have questioned whether the use of online psychometric tests may be viewed as discriminating against older people, as younger people are likely to be happier using a computer. However, there are others who believe that this is a valid part of the assessment, as if the job is likely to involve using computers, they should be able to navigate the test with a satisfactory level of competence.

“Creating psychometric tests which are completely unbiased towards people of different age/race/sex/disability is difficult, yet it is illegal to have a test which discriminates,” commented a spokesperson for AssessmentDay. “Our wide range of online aptitude tests and psychometric tests allow people to practice, helping them to familiarise themselves with the testing process.. They can take the tests as many times as they like, which has proven helpful for many people during the job application process.”

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