Practice SHL Tests

CEB SHL tests are the most widely-used by employers for selection and development.

AssessmentDay and its products are not affiliated with SHL or CEB. Our practice tests are intended for candidate preparation, not employee selection.

About SHL Tests

SHL are a global test publisher who provides insight into employee skills and potential. SHL claim to work with 80% of FTSE 100 companies to help them select and develop the best talent. SHL merged with another large test publisher Previsor in 2011 and now offers tests in over 50 countries in more than 30 different languages. SHL's profits in 2010 were £18.9m.

Employers use the tests published by SHL to help them assess candidates applying for a role. The benefits of using SHL tests to asses candidates is that the results tend to be more fair than an interview (in that they don't discriminate against any groups of people) and research has shown that they are a valid predictor of a candidate's ability (for example, numerical, verbal or inductive skills).

The most common tests SHL use to measure ability are verbal reasoning tests, numerical reasoning tests and inductive reasoning tests. Becoming increasingly popular are also SHL situational judgement tests which are designed to assess how candidates would respond in work-related scenarios.

SHL Practice Tests

SHL send out a small number of practice test questions to candidates who have been invited to take their tests. Example test questions are used by SHL to give the candidate an idea of what to expect; this is good practice because the candidate is less likely to be anxious if they know what's expected of them.

SHL also provide practice tests on Candidates can practise SHL verbal tests, SHL numerical tests and SHL inductive tests. Further practice psychometric test questions can be found on this website, along with answers to each question. Practice is a good way to get used to the time limits used in SHL tests.

There are several ways to practice before your SHL test, however the most effective way is to make your practice as similar as possible to your actual test; for example online with the same time limit, or paper and pencil in exam conditions.

Why Practise SHL Tests?

Candidates who have taken SHL tests before are more likely to perform well in these tests than candidates who have not seen an SHL test before. This is why SHL give each candidate the opportunity to see some example questions before they are asked to take the full test. By doing this, SHL aim to level the playing field amongst candidate with different experiences, and reach a fair and objective assessment of each candidate's true ability.

The tests which cause most anxiety are SHL numerical reasoning tests, so candidates are keener to practice these than say SHL verbal reasoning tests or SHL inductive reasoning tests. The benefit of practising for an SHL numerical test is that you will become familiar with basic numerical operators such as percentage increases and percentage decreases, which may need a little practice.

By practising for your SHL verbal reasoning test you will learn to think about what conclusions can be drawn from the passage of text and what statements do not logically follow given just the information in the passage. For SHL tests, practice will allow you to perform to the best of your ability. SHL don't want to test how well you react to surprise; they want to measure your true potential to perform tasks such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and inductive reasoning.

What customers are saying about our practice test packs

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"Doubled my initial score with Assessment Day, so much more useful than the practice ones that SHL give you as they are far too easy and don't prepare you properly."
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"Your test was very useful because it was harder than the one I actually did with SHL."
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"I found the AssessmentDay numerical reasoning test very useful and similar to SHL tests."
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