Mondelez Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

Mondelez looks for employees with a high ability of logic through the comprehension of diagrams. Applicants have to pass a diagrammatic reasoning test before being offered a position.

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Mondelez use the following tests in their selection process:

  • Numerical reasoning test
  • Verbal reasoning test
  • Diagrammatic reasoning test
  • Logical reasoning test
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About Mondelez Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests

Founded in America in 2012, Mondelez International is an American multinational confectionary, food, and beverage company. It consists of many food brands, and manufactures beverages, chocolate, confectionery and more. Mondelez employs approximately 83,000 people worldwide. While Mondelez employs many people of various skill sets, there is an extensive selection process in place to ensure only the most suitable candidates progress successfully and a high calibre of workforce is maintained. Psychometric testing is adopted throughout the recruitment process, as a means of screening out candidates who lack the abilities necessary for a career in this area. Typically, candidates are asked to complete diagrammatic, numerical and verbal reasoning tests, although further tests may be used for some positions. Candidates are informed in advance as to which tests they will be required to take.

The function of these tests is to screen out candidates without adequate numerical, verbal and diagrammatic ability, although different combinations of tests could be required depending on the level of role applied for.

Diagrammatic reasoning tests are a fair and objective way for Mondelez to assess a wide range of applicants, each having different experiences and different qualifications. By analysing the results of a standardised situational judgement test, Mondelez are able to quickly see which candidates are suitable for the role and which are not. This sort of information about candidates’ skills is difficult to glean from interviews and qualifications alone, so that Mondelez use professional psychometric tests.

Often, Mondelez will ask applicants to take a diagrammatic test online, which you can take from home. When the diagrammatic reasoning test is used early on in the application process like this you will have to achieve a minimum score before you progress to the next round (typically a score in the top 50% of applicants is required however this does vary role to role). Further along in the selection process you might be asked to attend an assessment centre or interview where you will be asked to sit a diagrammatic test again. This is so Mondelez can verify the person scoring highly in the test is indeed the person applying for the job.

Mondelez Application Process Stages

Here is the typical process for your application to Mondelez.

Stage 1


Applications are made online and require candidates to provide their contact details, education and work experience. They are also required to complete a few screening questions, which are used to ensure that the candidate is suited to their selected role.

Stage 2

Online Aptitude Tests

Selected candidates will then need to undertake a selection of psychometric tests; including some of all of the following: numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning, a situational judgement test and personality questionnaire.

Stage 3


Successful candidates are required to attend an initial interview, which is usually conducted in person, but is sometimes administered as a telephone interview. Later on in the selection process, this is often followed by a second interview which will be either technical/functional or competency based. It is recommended that candidates adopt the STAR approach when formulating answers, while remaining mindful of the Mondelez competencies: Leadership, Commercial Awareness, Thought Processing, Delivery, Personal Effectiveness, and Personal Style. These interviews allow opportunities to demonstrate strengths, areas of interest and experience.

Stage 4


Mondelez also use a variety of assessments throughout their selection process, so candidates should be prepared to complete some or all of the following: Presentations, Role Plays, Telephone Simulations, In-Tray exercises and Group Exercises.

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Mondelez Diagrammatic Questions

In these tests, candidates will need to discover the rules associated with particular symbols or diagrams (eg. rotates 90 degrees each time), and apply them by selecting the correct answer based on those rules. These questions will not be work place relevant and will appear abstract in nature.

Companies are using diagrammatic reasoning tests more and more in their application process that candidates must go through. A person's score in a diagrammatic reasoning test is a good indicator of how closely their attitudes and responses to situations mimics those of the company they've applied to. This is important in any sector or position.

Mondelez use diagrammatic reasoning tests as part of their recruitment process to help them select the best candidates for a particular role.

So as a graduate or senior candidate applying for a job at Mondelez you might feel like the situational judgement test is an unnecessary hoop to jump through. But you should bear in mind that Mondelez are asking you to complete the situational judgement test as much for your own benefit as theirs; if you are not suitable for the role, a psychometric test will usually identify this. Research has shown that psychometric tests, such as those used by Mondelez, are a better predictor of job performance than traditional selection metrics such as level of degree achieved.

Answered questions

The same difficulty as real tests. Generally real employer selection tests don't differ that much in terms of difficulty which is why they compare your score against norm groups. Our practice tests are pitched roughly at graduate level, but this means they are actually suitable for preparing for all levels of job: entry; apprentice; graduate; senior; director.

Yes, and PC, and Linux and smartphone and Android and...everything. Our practice tests will run on all systems and they are responsive so they will work well on tablets and smartphones too!

How many times can I take the tests?

Unlimited. You can take our practice tests as many times as you like; there is no limit. But to be honest, after taking the same test a few times you start to remember the answers, so that’s why we have lots of tests.

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