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McDonalds looks for employees with a good personality match to the role and to the company which is why they use Personality Questionnaires as part of their assesment process.

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McDonalds use the following tests in their selection process:

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About McDonalds Personality Questionnaires

Founded in the United States in 1940, McDonalds is an American global fast food company. McDonalds is the world's largest resturant chain by revenue, and is one of the largest employers in the world, employing approximately 1.7 million people worldwide. McDonalds use personality tests to assess whether you are a good fit for working at McDonalds. Psychometric testing may be adopted throughout the recruitment process, as a means of screening out candidates who lack the abilities necessary for a career in this area. Typically, candidates are asked to complete diagrammatic, numerical and verbal reasoning tests, although further tests may be used for some positions. Candidates are informed in advance as to which tests they will be required to take.

Personality Questionnaires are a fair and objective way for McDonalds to assess a wide range of applicants, each having different experiences and different qualifications. By analysing the results of a standardised Personality Questionnaire, McDonalds are able to quickly see which candidates are suitable for the role and which are not. This sort of information about candidates’ prefered working style and behaviours is difficult to glean from interviews and qualifications alone, so they use professional psychometric tests.

McDonalds Application Process Stages

Here is the typical process for your application to McDonalds, though it may vary between poisiton level and sector.

Stage 1

Online Application

Candidates start with an online application: you will need to provide personal details (background, education and work experience) as well as to upload a copy of your CV and answer some questions which determine whether you values match those of the company.

Stage 2

Personality Test

Personality tests are a key component of the McDonalds Application Process.

Stage 3


Succesful applicants will be invited for a one day job evaluation. You will be observed as you undertake tasks and roles within the company.

Stage 4


Candidates will have to undertake an interview to see whether you are a good fit for working at McDonalds.

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Personality questionnaires have become a commonly used recruitment tool, and candidates may come across them at both the early stages and the late stages of the recruitment process. Research has shown that personality tests are highly robust predictors of job performance, and are used for both selection and development as a result. Candidates will be likely to encounter personality questionnaires in all industries and all sectors, however candidates are most likely to undertake these tests in graduate schemes and recruitment for larger companies with high recruitment volumes. These tests may be online and unsupervised, they may be online and supervised and they may be pencil and paper tests at an assessment centre.

McDonalds use Personality Questionnaires as part of their recruitment process to help them select the best candidates for a particular role.

So as a graduate or senior candidate applying for a job at McDonalds you might feel like the Personality Questionnaire is an unnecessary hoop to jump through. But you should bear in mind that McDonalds are asking you to complete the deductive test as much for your own benefit as theirs; if you are not suitable for the role, a psychometric test will usually identify this. Research has shown that psychometric tests, such as those used by McDonalds, are a better predictor of job performance than traditional selection metrics such as level of degree achieved.

Personality questionnaires can be a break from the nerve racking aptitude tests and recruitment exercises, providing a much needed period of reflection and ease. Should you feel nervous before taking a personality questionnaire, just remember there will be no time limits, no right or wrong answers, multiple choice format and as a candidates you should have some idea of the key competencies looked for in this role.

However, it is important to take the test seriously, although the questionnaire may take a while to complete it is as valuable a tool as many other well-known selection procedures such as aptitude tests and interviews. Take it seriously; take your time and good luck!

The personality questionnaire industry is a $450 million industry and candidates are likely to encounter numerous varieties of personality questionnaire. You can find a list of some of the most comon types of personality questionnaires here

Answered questions

Yes. The practice tests we provide have been designed to mimic McDonaldss's style to create an environment similar to the real assessment. This provides you with confidence that the questions you practice with us now are an accurate reflection of the real assessment.

Although there are no right and wrong answers, there are good and bad profiles for a particular position/organisation

Yes, and PC, and Linux and smartphone and Android and...everything. Our practice tests will run on all systems and they are responsive so they will work well on tablets and smartphones too!

How many times can I take the tests?

Unlimited. You can take our practice tests as many times as you like; there is no limit. But to be honest, after taking the same test a few times you start to remember the answers, so that’s why we have lots of tests.

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