Assessment Centre Guide

Chapter 9: Real Assessment Centre Examples

Real assessment centre examples


The PwC assessment centre involves numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning tests, an individual written exercise, a group exercise and a role-play exercise. Graduate consulting strategy and economic roles also have a case study exercise and a presentation exercise.


KPMG's assessment centre has an e-tray exercise based on fictional emails. The same information then leads on to a written exercise. There is also a group exercise which ends with the group presenting their findings. There is also a 10-minute individual presentation exercise to a partner who asks you questions. There is also the classic partner interview.

Ernst & Young (EY)

The assessment centre for EY involves a partner interview and a group exercise discussion. This is often followed by a case study exercise where you present your recommendations in a brief report or presentation.

Civil Service Fast Stream

The Civil Service Fast Stream assessment centre has a group exercise with 5-6 candidates each trying to negotiate the outcome given in their individual brief. The individual case study exercise then involves analysing three project proposals and deciding on which one to pursue. The briefing exercise involves reading lots of information on a project and then presenting a briefing to an assessor, who asks you questions. Most assessments are followed by a self-assessment where the candidate has to reflect on their performance to show they have learning and development potential. An e-tray exercise is also used.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce have a one-day assessment centre. Supervised psychometric tests and a case study exercise are followed by technical interviews with managers to assess graduates' technical knowledge.