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Join our partner programme today and you will earn 25% of all sales generated from your visitors. Online practice aptitude tests are very popular with job seekers (particularly graduates). We'll give you a unique affiliate tracking link which you can simply add to your webpages, emails, blogs etc. Every time a visitor clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you will be attributed with a commission of 25% of the sale price.

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Our popular aptitude test simulators have been used by thousands of UK job seekers to prepare themselves for online aptitude tests and assessment centres. Here are just some of the partners we currently work with:

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There is no minimum payout, so why not give it a go to see for yourself how successful an AssessmentDay partnership can be. The process is easy to setup with our walk-through PDF document. Or drop us an email and we will be happy to guide you through setting up if you need (

Advanced tracking

We use iDevAffiliate for advanced affiliate management tracking. iDevAffiliate enables you to track performance indicators and run reports.

Whilst every affiliate site differs in its approach to marketing and in its visitor base, our highest performing affiliate, whose visitors comprise graduate job seekers, currently achieves an average conversion rate of 4%.

Standard terms and conditions

By signing up for the AssessmentDay affiliate programme, you (the "Affiliate") indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms and conditions.


1. We ("AssessmentDay") detect when a visitor comes through an Affiliate’s link and automatically create a cookie on the visitor’s computer. If the visitor purchases any of the products sold by within 30 days of the cookie being created, the Affiliate will receive 25% of the sale price.

2. Signing up to become an Affiliate is free. Anyone can do so by visiting

3. Affiliates may use the links provided on the affiliate administration area, or you may create your own.

4. It is not permitted to advertise or portray AssessmentDay products in a misleading manner. Nor is it permitted to advertise AssessmentDay products on websites containing pornography, warez or content of an illegal nature.

5. It is not permitted to advertise products using mass unsolicited emails. For the avoidance of doubt it is acceptable to advertise products to an email list of opt-in subscribers of relevant subject matter, or to the Affiliate's own customers in accordance with CAN-SPAM regulation.

6. AssessmentDay reserve the right to cancel without notice the account of any Affiliate who breaks these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to cancel without notice the account of any Affiliate we deem not to be acting in the interest of Assessmentday.

7. We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Any change will be deemed to be effected by publishing to this webpage.

8. AssessmentDay sometimes advertise the products of third parties. Sales of such third party products will not generate commission for the Affiliate.


9. Any and all commission paid to the Affiliate shall be based on a percentage of the sales transaction value. The Affiliate may still be liable to pay tax on their commission. By accepting the terms of this Agreement the Affiliate hereby acknowledges that they are solely responsible for the payment of tax on any income they may generate through their involvement in the Programme.

10. Affiliates are paid using either PayPal, BACS transfer or cheque. Affiliates are paid at the start of each month for the previous month’s earnings. For UK based payments, there is no minimum payout. Transfers to outside the UK will be made only once the affiliate has accrued at least £25.

11. Affiliates are able to track their earnings and sales in the affiliate administration area.

12. AssessmentDay will not be held responsible for affiliate links incorrectly incorporated into the Affiliate's website. We provide instructions for correctly configuring Affiliate links which should be followed. If the Affiliate is expecting to received high traffic, we recommend they test their links are working by making a test purchase through their links.

13. Affiliates will not be paid a commission for any purchase for which the customer is granted a refund according to our refund policy. Our refund policy is to refund customers who notify us of a mistake found in any of our material.

14. Typically the percentage of transactions which are later cancelled by the customer (referred to as 'chargebacks') is very low (less than 1%). Affiliates will be paid commissions on transactions which fail (referred to as 'chargebacks'), up to a maximum of 2% of the number of all transactions generated by the affiliate. Affiliates agree to reimburse AssessmentDay all commission paid on chargebacks which exceed the 2% of transaction volume threshold.

Cookie Duration

15. The buyer does not need to make a purchase immediately after clicking the Affiliate’s link. Clicking the Affiliate’s link creates a cookie in the buyer's browser which expires after 30 days. Every product that visitors purchase from AssessmentDay during the life of that cookie will earn the Affiliate a commission, even if the visitor visits the AssessmentDay website later without clicking through the Affiliate’s link.

16. Referral tracking works on a 'first to refer' basis. For example if a visitor clicks on the link of affiliate A, then clicks on the link of affiliate B, then within 30 days of clicking link A makes a purchase, affiliate A will be awarded the commission.


17. Affiliates are free to use any of the images on the Affiliate control panel or on the AssessmentDay website for marketing purposes. Partners are permitted to use their own images in marketing AssessmentDay products provided clauses 4 and 5 are satisfied.

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Did You Pass Your Job Aptitude test? You Need to Practise!

Practising our online psychometric and aptitude tests are the best way to improve your score. Most roles have hundreds of candidates pass pre-screening and get invited to take an aptitude test either online or at an assessment centre. Are you going to get the best score? Improve your chances of success by practising real questions and using our tips to improve your speed and accuracy.

Practise the Tests Employers Use!

We have access to real practice questions written by the same people who write the tests used by employers. Get insider tips and information on how to get top marks on your aptitude tests. The best way to improve your aptitude test score is to practise using genuine, accurate simulations of employer aptitude tests with fully worked solutions to every question.

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Most recruiters are faced with hundreds of applicants for every one who gets through. How do you become that successful applicant? Easy: achieve the best score on their aptitude tests! Few people know that they can dramatically improve their aptitude test score by practising with real questions before hand. We have access to real timed practice questions with fully worked solutions and tactics.

Succeed at Your Reasoning Tests

Use our online practice aptitude tests to improve your psychometric and aptitude test score. Practise our full simulation tests to discover what's involved in real employer aptitude tests.

Pass Your Psychometric Tests

Do you have an online aptitude test or assessment day coming up? Practise real questions now to improve your chances of success. This popular resource offers online practice aptitude tests for graduates and job seekers needing to improve their aptitude test score. Get started now.

What does a group exercise assess?

Group exercises typically assess a candidates behaviour in a group, and the overall group dynamics involved in the exercise. Typical factors assessed in a group exercise include:

Because of the work place relevance of these exercises, recruiters can use group exercises to predict how a candidate will perform in the real work place, making this a useful selection tool. Not only can the group exercise be used to highlight and identify strengths and role relevant behaviours, but it can also be used to identify negative behaviours such as aggression, short temperedness and single mindedness.

Graphics and banners

Affiliates can download various marketing banners and graphics here.

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Download email Template 1 or email Template 2 for your email marketing campaign. Email only existing customers or your opt-in distribution list to avoid accusations of spam.

Bespoke integration

We can also integrate with your website to create a seamless user experience and keep your branding. This solution has worked well for larger organisations with strong brands of their own, who don't want to just replicate what other websites are doing. Please contact us.